Josh & Jacqueline | Trash the Dress | Lover's Beach, Cabo San Lucas

Two days after Josh and Jacqueline's wedding we took trash the dress photos! For us to take these photos is was quite the adventure. Because we couldn't swim in the water directly in front of our resort we had to pack everything up, taxi into town, then take a water taxi to Lovers Beach. Getting off the water taxi once arriving at Lovers Beach is a task in itself. The gentlemen there to help were very good at keeping the wedding dress, my camera, and our other belongings safe from the water. Oh yeah and this adventure started at about nine in the morning. 

The irony of all this is that we actually didn't take the photos on Lovers Beach because it was already too crowed with other people. We walked to the other side to take the photos and this location is called Divorce Beach. The names simply have to do with the water currents. Lovers beach is calm and inviting, Divorce Beach is wild and unruly.

Josh and Jacquline were such troopers through this whole shoot. I would say it was more than worth it! These have got to be some of my favourite photos I've ever taken.

A special shout out to Jacquline's Maid of Honour, Naomi and Josh's Best Man, Pierre for coming with us to take the photos and being a huge help along the way.  

- Mackenzie. 

Jacqueline & Josh | Wedding | Riu Santa Fe, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Jacqueline and Josh.. Josh and Jacqueline... One can not be mentioned without the other. Anyone that knows these two would definitely agree. Their wedding day, or week I should say, was nothing less than perfect. The morning started out with the girls hanging out, grabbing a bite to eat and the giving of gifts. Then we all headed to the salon right on the resort for hair and make up. The salon did such an amazing job on the girls' hair, the updos were absolutely stunning. From the salon we headed back up to the room and took photos. The whole wedding would be any photographers dream because there was a ton of time for photos. The girls in their robes popping champagne and enjoying the time before the wedding was something I was so glad to capture.

After the bride was dressed I quickly ran over to the guys room. These men, sweet, caring, compassionate, okay mainly goofballs! They definitely delivered on the wedding day and it created such a fun environment for everyone. Bentley, oh sweet little Bentley. This little man is son to the bride and groom. Once dad dressed him it was clear he was very pleased with his appearance. The entire day Bentley was a champ. 

After a few more formal photos of the girls in their dresses ready to go. One of my favourite moments from the entire day was the bride seeing her groom for the first time. The balcony of the bridal suite overlooked the ocean which included a view of the tiki bar where everyone was to meet. The men were already down there mingling with guests while, little did the groom know, the bride was overlooking from above. 

The wedding ceremony was sweet, intimate and beautiful. First the flower girl came down, niece to the bride and groom, she melted everyones heart. Then Bentley, the sweetest little ring bearer walked down. He really pulled on the heart stings, especially Josh's. The moment Jacqueline walked down the isle was one I know neither Josh or Jacqueline will ever forget. As soon as jacqueline laid eyes on Josh the emotions started flowing. Thinking back to this moment melts my heart, the love between these two is extremely evident. Because the bride and groom were legally married in Mexico and didn't sign a marriage license in Canada before the wedding, everything needed to be spoken in Spanish. Josh's aunt who is also his god mother repeated everything in english for the guests. This added such a sweet personal touch to the ceremony that everyone was appreciative of.

After the ceremony, at the brides request, we had time for formal portraits with every single guest. Doing this also helped to show everyone how appreciative Josh and Jacqueline were for them travelling for the wedding, photos that will forever cherish. The dinner took place at the steakhouse restaurant overlooking the ocean and the reception to finish off the night was right on the beach. Repeating myself over and over, this day was perfect.

- Mackenzie <3

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