Kayla - Studio Boudoir Session - Winnipeg, Manitoba

I met with Kayla back in March to take her boudoir photos. All I can say is what a babe!! Working with Kayla was a dream. She is such a laid back easy going person the whole session was filled with fun and laughs. After Kayla received all her images she posted one on Instagram and what she wrote made me cry.

Here is what she had to say:
"I have been trying to decide if I want post this for some time now & after talking with Kyle about it I decided to go ahead and do it. I had the opportunity to do a boudoir photo shoot with an amazing photographer a few weeks back. My major concern was that some people may classify my pictures as inappropriate too post onto social media or may judge me for wanting to post them. But in my mind these aren't pictures of me trying to pose scantily clad. These pictures represent me, me being confidant in my body. Proud of whom I am, these pictures captured every inch that I usually disguise. These pictures show my birth mark on my tummy, my extremely sensitive skin that always seems to have red marks on, it shows my knuckles (or lack thereof) it shows so many things I usually hide from everyone. I went into this photo shoot, being told it is an empowering experience. But little did I know how much it really was, after the shoot it left me feeling completely happy and confident with my body, something that I have struggled with for many years. MacKenzie was amazing, & I won't forget her saying "just wait until you see the pictures" I didn't realize how much it did change when I saw them. The first time I looked at them I didn't see my pictures how I thought I would, I saw them as art. I saw them as little snapshots of the real Kayla. People right away assume these pictures were done for Kyle, but honestly these pictures were done for me. They made me feel great in the body that I have, they made me realize I don't have to hide my "imperfections" because my "imperfections" are what makes me, me. For the first time in my life, I feel confident in posting these, & proud of who I am."

Thank you Kayla for trusting me to take your photos and allowing me to share them. <3

- Mackenzie. 

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