Marina & Tyler - Winter Engagement Session - Roseisle, Manitoba

AHHH!!! Look at these two! These photos were taken back in December after our first huge snowfall. This location was chosen by them and I couldn't be more in love with it. That tree!!! Tyler remembered this tree from I'm not even sure when, considering these two are from Alberta! With the snow it ended up being the perfect location.

Marina and Tyler are in the process of wedding planning and hearing them discuss it is the cutest! They are the couple that is constantly goofing around and joking with each other. At the end of the session we captured some photos with their adorable little girl Annabelle. She wasn't too keen on the whole picture thing but the photos turned out absolutely adorable anyways!

This session was a blast and I cannot wait to take photos of these three again in the future. Congrats again guys! 

- Mackenzie <3

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